LINQ Connect is the name of the program used to add money to your student's meal account.  Please follow the instructions below to create an account and add your student.

  1.  Navigate to and click "Register" in the upper right

  2. Enter your information and agree to the terms of Use and click "Submit"

  3. Look for an email in your inbox from titled "Welcome to LINQ Connect!" Open the email and click the "Verify Email" button to verify your email

  4. Return to the LINQ screen and login with the email and password you just set

  5. Important Note: You may see a link for "Meal Application."  Please only fill this out if you believe you are eligible for free or reduced lunch.  Please contact the food service department at 518-869-3576 for more information on eligibility in this program. 

  6. Once logged in click "Add" at the bottom of the screen under "Add Accounts"

  7. Choose Student as the type, and start typing "South Colonie" to have "South Colonie Central School District" show in the dropdown.  
  8.  You will be prompted to enter the student ID number, First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and School in the prompt.  Enter this information and click "Add."  Please see next step if you have trouble with this step or do not know this information. 
  9. Student Id is the number that students use to login to their Chromebooks.  If you are new to the district and do not know this information please check Aspen for this number,

    If you do not yet have an Aspen account please email requesting one.

  10. Note that the First Name and Last Name have to match exactly how it is entered in Aspen.  Login to Aspen and go to the Family top tab, Details side tab to view the Name and Date of Birth listed in Aspen.  Any spaces and dashes within the first or last name must be entered exactly as entered in Aspen.   If you check Aspen and there is a typo or misspelling of your student's name please notify us at  

  11. We have received word that sometimes if a user is not able to find a student on the first try and "Student not found" comes up at the top of the screen, subsequent attempts also fail.  If this occurs please close the browser or app and start over from step 4 where you login to LINQ.

  12. Once your student is added you may click into "Meal Account" to add to the balance or set up Auto Pay.
  13. When setting up Auto Pay you will have to select the "District" and "Student(s)" or else you will receive a "Not Valid" error

  14. For more information on how to use LINQ Connect please click here to view frequently asked questions.

  15. If you have any issues adding a student please email with the name of the student in question and we will get back to you at our earliest convenience.